If you are raising financial support for your own mission, or for a nonprofit, then you need a solid Case for support to help you share your vision with prospective donors. This eight-lesson course walks you through the ten key elements of a case and helps you draft your own case document. Then you will learn how to use the case as a presentation tool in solicitation meetings with major donors.

Each lesson includes concise instructional videos coupled with hands-on assignments for practical application.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Overview of the Case

    • Overview of the Case Statement

    • Assignment #1: Introduction

    • Sample Case Statement #1

  • 2

    Strategic Plan and Case

    • Strategic Plan and Case, Part 1

    • Assignment #2

  • 3

    Case - Theme and Need

    • Case - Theme and Need

    • Assignment #3

  • 4

    Case - Mission and Lifetime Impact

    • Case - Mission and Lifetime Value

    • Assignment #4

  • 5

    Case - Program and Accomplishments

    • Case - Programs and Accomplishments

    • Assignment #5

  • 6

    Case - Vision and Financial Need

    • Case - Vision and Financial Need

    • Assignment #6

  • 7

    Case - Gift Plan and Leadership Profile

    • Case - Gift Plan and Leadership Profile

    • Assignment #7

    • Gift Plan Template

    • Assignment #8

  • 8

    How to Use the Case Statement

    • How to Use the Case Statement

About the instructor

CEO, The FOCUS Group

Brad Layland

The FOCUS Group is a consultancy that helps nonprofits more effectively raise the funds that are critical to their missions. Its CEO, Brad Layland, had a distinguished career at Young Life from 1992-2009, serving in various roles within the organization including Field Development Director, Gift Planning Associate, and ultimately the Director of Development. His expertise includes providing fundraising counsel to nonprofit organizations, including workshops, marketing and major donor strategies, planned gift marketing and capital campaign counsel. Brad is highly experienced in The FOCUS Groups’s training program, Taking Donors Seriously®.A 1994 graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville, Brad earned a B.A. degree in Communications Studies, and completed his M.A. in Theology from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA in 2004.

The Case for Support is the most important tool you can use to share your vision with major donors and invite them to invest in your mission.